The automatic high-bay warehouse (HBWH) is used to store products in pallet racks.

The HBWH solution is interesting because it can also be used in frozen warehouses with a temperature of -20 ° C.

Advantages of the automatic high-bay warehouse:

  • Automation of imports and exports from the warehouse,
  • Excellent overview of the condition in the warehouse,
  • Assistance with order processing,
  • Enabled direct connection between the ERP system and the storage system.
  • Higher labour productivity,
  • Reduced impact of the so-called human factor,
  • Easier work for the operator,
  • Improved safety at the workplace.

Automatic storage, retrieval and transfer of pallets in the high-bay warehouse, made possible by the APS (automatic pallet conveyor system), various conveyors, barcode readers and other devices.

For this purpose, the APS has state-of-the-art intelligent sensors that are connected to the network and form an advanced control concept.

The system has been upgraded with a modern APS control system, which enables all movements required for the storage and retrieval and relocation of pallets to be carried out automatically.

The ability to change the speed depending on the current position and destination enables smooth operation.

The system also has subsystems for detecting obstacles and notifying the central control system (CCS) in the event of failure of the central control components.