Effective goods management and flow of goods have a considerable influence on the long-term performance of companies. The chosen storage facility, the type of storage and the storage method in turn influence the economic efficiency of storage.

At TOKAM we design and implement personalized system solutions for existing or newly built warehouses and spaces, including shelf racks, pallet and cantilever shelving, drive-in racks, FIFO flow-through tracks and Pick-to-Light systems. With a team of project managers, engineers, technicians and other employees, we offer our customers solutions, optimize the use of available space and ensure transparent, safe and cost-effective storage. In doing so, we take into account the needs and expectations of the customer. The proposed solution is presented to the customer in 3D in advance.


Logistics centres enable companies to have an uninterrupted supply of goods in larger storage areas. However, their appearance and equipment, purpose, size, number of pallet spaces, loading ramps, type of storage and sustainable orientation depend on the needs and planned growth of the company.

TOKAM enables its customers to set up a turnkey logistics centre or to build a logistics centre in part or in full. A team of project managers and engineers provides customers with efficient project solutions from design to implementation of a logistics centre using 3D technology. The wishes, expectations and needs of the customer are taken into account.