Overhead conveyor is designed for transferring parts and transport units on hanging circular conveying line.

  • chain conveyors with drive
  • overhead conveyors without drive
  • combined overhead transport

Overhead transporter system can be combined into horizontal-vertical conveyor. Overhead (hanging) transport of parts is executed with specific hangers for reception of product or direct hanging on conveyor chain. The line of chain conveyor is suspended from ceiling construction or supporting pillars.

The overhead conveyor is the ideal solution for your material handling problems. Without space occupation, it is able of linking scattered areas and of carrying different and delicate goods. All of them allow any type of automation and of lay-out, with several kind of in and out automatic switches to the main circuit and out of it.

The goods to be conveyed may hang directly on the chain or be carried on trolleys with or without frames.

Another version is that the conveyor is birrail with a rail in which a chain runs and a speed rail on which runs the trolley. The chain is fitted with pusher dogs placed at regular intervals.

The pushers are designed in order to allow the trolleys to stop at any point of the horizontal section of the rail without stopping the chain. This version can also be adjusted to any configuration of the building, linking different levels and running any distance.