The Self-Supporting Warehouse is the ideal solution for stacking goods high, since its design ensures that the racking will form a compact unit with the roofing and the side cladding of the warehouse themselves, therefore eliminating the need for construction work.

With this engineering design, the racking structure supports not only the various building elements and the goods themselves; it also supports the thrust of the handling devices and external elements: wind, heavy snowfall, seismic movements, etc. In addition, these warehouses are an ideal option for buildings of a greater height, since height limitiations need only to comply with local regulations, and meet the range of the handling devices to be used.

These warehouses allow for varying degrees of automation in order to guarantee optimal performance.

  • No need for a building in order to install a warehouse.
  • Given that the warehouse design makes adaptations for specific measurements, there is no unnecessary waste of space.
  • Costs are lowered; less time needed to carry out work