Telescopic belt conveyor is chracterised by constructive simplicity and reliability. The direct loading and unloading of separate packages with the proper equipment is faster, safer and more efficient than the widely spread stacking on pallets in the loading zone. The constant flow of load zeroes all the waiting time out.

The security brakes and the emergency stop button are easy to be found and handled. Because of these advantages the personnel does not need to be trained and does not need any experience.

Using a telescopic transporter for loading and unloading goods is much more efficient and by inreasing productivity for 20 – 40 % the initial reimbursement of investment is guaranteed. Belt surface inclination is preformed by two hydraulic cylinders which are managed by control panel. This option enables operator to set the optimal work height needed for load/ unload goods in different cargo and freight places. Telescopic transportes save up to 75% of lading/ unloading time.

Platform for one or two workers is fitted on most suitable height on the front of telescopic transporter. Accessibility to difficult reachable places is rescued by this additional option using basket platform. A geared motor drives the wheels to allow the conveyor to be moved automatically between docks. Performance option is carried out by special customers’ requirements. Security was main guidance when telescopic transporter was projected and constructed.

Optical sensors at the conveyors’ end avoid the goods to fall off or to heap up at the conveyors’ end. Addional four pcs of rollers are placed at the end for that reason as well as for easily loading/ inloading.